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History of the Lodge - 1920-45

Following the Conscecration of the Lodge the Lodge meet at the Hotel Cecil in the Strand.

Unfortunately it appears that the Minute Books from this period have been lost and the history written for our 75th Anniversay in 1995 has been built from other records. These indicate that the first year of the Lodge was quite active, with the presentation and dedication of our original Banner (latter damaged in the fire at Clerkenwall Masonic Centre) and approval of the Bye-Laws. In 1924 the Lodge was confirmed as a Hall Stone Lodge

There seems to have been a regular initiation of Old Boys into the Lodge during the first 6 or 7 years, but then a period of difficulty finding new "recruits" seems to have occurred. One suspects this was a case of the then current members not knowing or being known by other Old Boys.

In 1930 the Lodge was forced to seek a new venue and moved to Holborn Resturant. A pattern of "movement" which became common for Lodges in this and following years as venues ceased to host Masonic meetings for a variety, usually commercial, reasons.

From 1939 to 1945 World War 2 understandably caused disruption to Lodge activities.

Peace and the resumption of regular meetings coincided with a change in venue to the Holborn Resturant.

The fuller history of this period formed Chapter Five of the Histrory written for 75th Anniversary and a PDF copy is downloadable here


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