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History of the Lodge - 1946-70

The coming of Peace in 1945, justified the determination of those who had maintained the Lodge throughout the difficulties. Indeed it was yet another example of how we had as a Nation with our Allies been determined not to be overuled by the despotic nature of Nazism. On a wider scale it is has now been revield the suffering including extermination that was inflicted on Masons both in occupied territories, such a Jersey, and even to German Masons by that regieme.

Returning to "normality" was not for any segment of society going to be a quick and easy task. Your author of this website being born Post War remembers from his childhood the ending of Rationing (1954) and well into teenage years passing by the obvious Bombsites still not re-built.

Perhaps of all those who supported and maintained the Lodge special mention is due to W Bro Thomas Barran who was Secretary from 1932-57. A fuller account of his activies is recorded in the .pdf file of the 75th Anniversay History for this period

In 1947 after various exchanges of correspondence and meetings, Kingswod School Lodge became one of the 11 Founding Lodges of the Federation of School Lodges. Over the years members of the Lodge have been regular attenders at the Annual Federation Festivals, and in our Cententary year 2020 we are due to be the host Lodge.

This period was marked by several moves of venue for meetings as various the various Hotels or Resturants, closed or ceased to host any Masonic Meetings. Indeed one of these moves delayed the initiation of this Author as the then Secretary, W Bro Darrell Charles, sort a new venue, but that was fortuanley resolved and in Novemebr 1969 I joined, in time to be a witness to the 50th Anniversary and even hold Office as Steward during 1970.

The 50th Anniversary meeing was indeed a major event in the History of the Lodge. Held in the Piccadilly Hotel, with a total of 106 Members and Guests present.

The fuller history of this period formed Chapter Six of the History written for 75th Anniversary and a PDF copy is downloadable here

Biographies of a number of the members during this period are being prepared for the Centenary and will be added to the website in due course. If any family member knows that one of their family was a memebr of the Lodge we would be delighted to here from them and receive any biographic informmation

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