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History of the Lodge - The Current Era 1996-2020

As we approach the Centenary of the Lodge even events which are within the memory of many members are slipping into History.

In our daily lives, particularly at work, the pace of change during the dying days of the 20th Centenary and so far into the 21st has been incredible. The computer which was little more than a dream in 1946, having shrunk to desktop size by 1980, during the last five years of the Centenary infiltrated all our workspaces and become common in our homes. However, with computing power becaming integrated with mobile phone technology as the 21st Centenary began a revolution in all our daily lives become common place and at present there is no obvious end to this period of change.

The implications and results on how as humankind this is changing our personal and social life is at present incalulatable. Activites and tasks which were normal in our childhood and would have been reconisable to generations which preceeded us, such as shopping for our daily food, have and are changing beyond reconition. In aspects of our social life it is not surprising that the impacts of such change have affected particpation in many organisations and societies which were the common activities and pastimes of our Pareents and Grandparents, joining and attending Masonic Meetings being no less affected than any other.

It is thus a pleasure to report that the Kingswood School Lodge has maintained its existance and activity well during this period. Indeed in some years we may boast more success than many other Lodges. And some achievements which if not unique are only shared by a few other Lodges. Some highlights of this period will be mentioned below but the detail will be retained to be published during our Centenary Celebrations.

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