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In the table below are listed the names of the Founders of the Lodge.

the History written for our 75th Anniversary included brief biographies of each of the Founders. These are reproduced and available as .jpd downloads (follow links). However further research is being undertaken of each person this has already revieled several amazing lives and for our Cententary we intend to publish more on "The Men that made the Lodge".

If any artivist reconises the names and has information relating to the Careers / Vocations / Public Services of any of our Founders we would be delighted to receive further information.


     Craft Rank at Foundation
 W Bro  W. Addington Willis, LLB P.M. Lodge 2175
 W Bro  J.A. Jutsum P.A.G.D.C.
 Bro  The Rev O.S. Watkins, C.M.G., C.B.E.  
 Bro  The Rev A.E. Raw O.B.E.  
 Bro  The Rev H.B. Workman D.Lit, D.D.  
 Bro  J.W. Reacher  
 Bro  The Rev J.F.S. Hall  
 Bro  Lt-Col T.P. Wansborough, O.B.E.  
 Bro  E.C. Wansborough  
 Bro  B.G. King  
 Bro  A.W. Wamsley  
 Bro  F Richards M.A.  
 Bro  F.J.Dawson  

Titles, Public and Acedemic Honours as at time of Foundation

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