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Joining the Lodge

If you are already a Mason and reading this page, then if you wish to join our Lodge can we suggest you contact the Secretary and ask him if you can come as a Guest to our next meeting.

If you have not yet become a Mason then it takes a little longer and the process is a bit more tedious. But that does not mean you are not welcome, like all good things in life a little effort will bring great reward.

As the Kingswood School Lodge was founded for Old Boys and Masters of the Kingswood School we very much welcome those who have a school conection, including Parents. If you don't already know a member of the Lodge who is also an Old Boy, Master or Parent, just contact the Secretary and we will soon be in contact!

What qualifications do I need

Other than being a male over 18 years old, nothing specific!

Obviosuly we are looking for members who are themselves keen to be members of the organisation and support its activites. Beyond that Masonry is a very inclusive society with members drawn from a very wide range of society, jobs and interests.

Further Information

Our Grand Lodge has a website which tells you much more about Freemasonry in General and has a particular section on becoming a mason. You can access it here click to follow

Also throughout the country Freemasonry is divided into Provinces, usually geographically the same as the original English and Welsh Counties. Most of these Provincial Grand Lodges have their own websites. As a London Lodge we come under the Metropolitan Grand Lodge which again has a special section on becoming a member click to follow

Scotland, Ireland and overseas, come under the Juristiction of their own Grand Lodges. Whilst we would always welcome enquiries from beyond England and Wales, particulary from those Old Boys' who live or work overseas, we will need to have regard to extra factors.

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