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Regular Meetings of the Lodge

The Regular meetings of the lodage are held at:

Freemasons' Hall

60 Great Queen Street



The Dates of our meetings are:

The meetings usually commence at 17:30hrs

Dining at a Local Resturant


We welcome qualified persons to visit our meetings in particular if they have a connection with Kingswood School.

The Lodge is a Founder Member of the Federation of School Lodges.
Members of other School Lodges are very welcome to attend our meetings under "Rule 3 ".
Please contact our Federation Correspondant at least 7 days before the meeting so that we can book you in for Dinner.

Michael Jakins
01761 414992
email: federation -at- kingswoodschoollodge.org.uk (replace the -at- with @)

If you have not yet become a mason but are interested in joining, particularly if you are a former student of Kingswood School, please look at   Joining Lodge Page

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